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10 Insider Cruise Tips for Your Next Journey
Pretty much anyone can book a trip, but not everyone can plan an ultimate adventure that's affordable, accommodating, and fun for everyone in your group. At, we aim to provide you with the best insider secrets in the travel business and a state-of-the-art travel comparison tool to make planning easier than ever.

Here are some insider tips that we'd like to share with you about cruises.
Check the Deck Plan Before Choosing a Room
There's nothing more irritating than trying to sleep when your cabin is right below the lido deck buffet with people shuffling their feet and moving chairs around. Look at the deck plan to choose a quiet room that'll ensure a restful night's sleep.
Try Natural Seasickness Remedies
Seasickness is common among cruise travelers, but ship staff is ready to help you with natural remedies. Ask the staff for green apples, bland crackers, and ginger ale - all natural remedies that staff members swear by. If that doesn't help, ask the staff for over-the counter meds. They'll often provide them free of charge.
Fill Up a Reusable Water Bottle
Bottled water on cruise ships can cost up to $4! Save money by bringing an empty reusable one in your bag. The water is clean and flows from a filtered reservoir on the ship.
Book Between January and March
The months of January, February, and March are sometimes referred to as "wave season." Book your cruise during this time to find great deals. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is another good day to book. To save more, schedule your cruise in the shoulder season when demand is lower.
Room Service is Often Free
Unlike at hotels, which charge high prices for room service, it's often free onboard cruise ships. Some cruise lines charge a small fee, but it's not a splurge. Just make sure to tip your delivery person!
Buy a Bottle of Wine
Even if you don't think you'll finish a whole bottle of wine, buying a bottle is often cheaper than getting a few glasses. If you don't finish it, ask your waiter to mark it with your room number to save for the next evening.
Use Hidden Storage Spaces
Cruise ship cabins can make guests feel a bit claustrophobic. To reduce clutter and give yourself more space, utilize all the storage spaces under beds and couches, inside ottomans, and behind mirrors. Look around to find them, and you'll instantly feel more at home.
Don't Give Up on Big-Name Shows
Popular musicals and theater performances often sell out in advance on cruise ships, but many guests don't actually show up on the night of the show. If you weren't able to get a ticket, get in line anyway before the show and ask the staff if any seats are still available.
Visit the Spa on Deal Days
Spa treatments aren't typically included in the price of your cruise, but you'll often find special deals on certain days. Discounts are often offered on the first day of your cruise and on port days because the spa doesn't see as much business on these days.
Ask Crew Members about Free Souvenirs
Lots of free stuff is lying around cruise ships, such as t-shirts, crossword puzzles, and postcards. Make friends with the crew members and nicely ask what kind of freebies may be available for souvenirs. Just don't forget to tip!
We hope that you found the tips on this page helpful and can put them to use on your next vacation. Whether you plan to fly, drive, or cruise, become an expert trip planner by using our travel comparison tool for all your transportation and hotel needs. Please visit us again and sign up for our newsletter to keep getting the best deals and travel tips.
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